Tweener Examples

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description Screenshot 3d model grasshopper document
Most basic functionality: Just planar tweening. Also works with more than two curves.
Here, two inner and one outer curve.
exampleDiscourse1.3dm exampleDiscourse1.ghx
More planar tweening. tweenerText.3dm tweenerText.ghx
But Tweener tweens on any 3d surface, between any, not necessarily closed curves!
Here, tweening on a surface between its two boundaries.
glasslamp.3dm glasslamp.ghx
Tweener has some convenience functions to elevate a planar Tweener to a topographic one (isolines). topo1.3dm topo1.ghx
The convenience elevation function features a "shape" parameter to control the convexity. topo2.3dm topo2.ghx
Tweening from a whole bunch to a whole bunch of curves at once, on a negatively curved surface given by a rotationally symmetric column capital. columnCapital.3dm columnCapital.ghx